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How do I avoid falling prey to phishing scams?

Your financial safety matters to us. Please stay vigilant and beware of scam or phishing attempts. Here are some tips on how to protect yourself against phishing scams pretending to come from CPF Board:

  1. Do not share your Singpass ID / password or banking details with anyone. If you need to discuss confidential matters with us over the phone, we will request you to perform an authentication using your Singpass. CPF officers will NOT ask for your Singpass or banking userid or password.
  2. Stay vigilant and only click on links from trusted sources. Always log in to your account from the official CPF website. To determine if a link will lead you to a malicious website or is reliable, you can hover your mouse over the link to view the full address. For mobile devices, you can hold your finger down on the link so that a window pops out and shows you the full address of the link.
  3. Do verify the sender
    • For email, ensure that the sender’s email address is correctly spelt and ends with or 
    • For WhatsApp, ensure that the sender is “CPF Board”, our official business account, with a green badge.
      CPF Board WhatsApp account sample, showing how to verify the sender's identity
    • For SMS, ensure that the sender is “CPF Board” from 1 Aug 2022. We will not send SMS from other IDs.
    • Telephone calls from CPF officers to you will not begin with a prefix "+65". If a call has a prefix with a plus (+) sign, it is likely to be an overseas call.  
    • Messages from CPF Board may contain links to the CPF website or other Government websites. Please check that the domain of such links end with “” before clicking on them.
  4. Do report any suspicious call or digital notifications spoofing CPF Board via our CPF official hotline or Writetous.

Be Cautious, Pay attention to scam and don’t be the next victim of Fraud.