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How can I claim the deceased member's discounted Singtel shares if he had not made a nomination or if he passed away before 1 January 1996?

If the deceased member had not made a nomination or if he passed away before 1 January 1996, we will transfer the discounted Singtel shares to his securities account or the estate securities account opened by his appointed executor(s) or administrator(s). If there is no securities account or estate securities account, the appointed executor(s) or administrator(s) may instruct the Board to sell the Singtel shares.

If no executor/administrator* is appointed for the estate of the deceased member, a representative of the deceased member's family or a proper claimant may instruct CPF Board to sell the shares and claim the sales proceeds or any dividends in cash. The following documents have to be submitted:

  1. Indemnity Agreement with declaration that the deceased member has no will, and no Grant of Probate or Letter of Administration has been issued for his estate
  2. Letter of Consent from all immediate family members** of the deceased member
  3. Proof of relationship to the deceased member, e.g. marriage certificate, birth certificate

Read more on the documents required.

*For small estates (below $50,000), the deceased member's family has the option of approaching the Public Trustee to administer the shares together with the estate of the deceased member.

**For Muslim members, all beneficiaries under the Islamic inheritance laws would have to complete the Letter of Consent.