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My family member has passed on and was covered under the Dependants’ Protection Scheme. As the next-of-kin, how do I claim the DPS benefits?

Once the Board is notified of the member’s death by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority, we will inform the Dependants’ Protection Scheme insurer, Great Eastern Life, who will then send claim application details to the assigned nominee(s). However, if no nomination was made, the claim application details would be sent to the deceased member’s correspondence address instead.

You can also make a claim by directly submitting an application to Great Eastern Life.

Note: For members previously insured under NTUC Income, if the claim event date is before 1 April 2021, they can submit their claim application to NTUC Income directly.

NTUC Income can be contacted at:
Phone: 6332 1133
Website for claim submission: