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Why should I make a CPF nomination?

By making a CPF nomination, you have the flexibility to decide who should receive your CPF savings upon your demise. Your nominee(s) will also receive your CPF savings more quickly (generally within five weeks), with no fees charged.

If you do not make a CPF nomination, the Public Trustee’s Office (PTO) will distribute your CPF savings according to intestacy or Muslim Inheritance laws. Under this process, beneficiaries will need to provide documentation to prove their relationship with you. As time and effort is required to identify and verify your eligible beneficiaries, the entire process may take up to six months and it will incur an administrative fee which will be deducted from your CPF savings. This means your beneficiaries will receive less of your CPF savings.

With a CPF nomination, CPF Board will generally take less than five weeks to distribute your CPF savings to your nominee(s). Make a CPF nomination so that your CPF savings are swiftly distributed to your loved ones when you are no longer around.