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What are the things I need to prepare to make an online nomination?

You will need:

  • A valid Singpass
  • Witnesses’ particulars:
  1. Full name* as per NRIC
  2. NRIC
  3. Email and/or Singapore registered mobile number (for receiving of SMS notification to perform witnessing)
  • Nominee(s)’ particulars:
  1. NRIC/FIN (e.g. passport or foreign identification card number)
  2. Full name* as per NRIC/foreign identification document
  3. Mailing address** (for foreigners only)
  4. Email address (optional)

* It is important to provide full names of your nominees and witnesses as indicated on their NRICs, including comma, hyphen and space accordingly. However, you should exclude the Hanyu Pinyin, Alias and married name. See  examples of NRIC names.

** Mailing address is required for foreigners to facilitate us in contacting them when distributing your CPF savings. Mailing address for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents will be based on the address registered with Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA).