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My elderly parent would like to check his/her existing CPF nomination. How can I help him/her do so?

Your parent can view his/her CPF nomination details online with his/her Singpass. Find out more information on how he/she can check his/her nomination details.

However, we would strongly encourage making a new nomination instead, especially if the previous nomination was made some time ago. Making a new nomination would ensure that your parent’s CPF monies are distributed according to his/her latest wishes upon his/her demise. The new nomination would supersede any earlier nominations made, and the same nominee(s) can be re-nominated, if desired. This would also provide the Board with the latest particulars of the nominee(s), and allow us to reach out to them more quickly to claim the monies.

Making a new nomination is easy and convenient. Find out how a member can make a CPF nomination.