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I would like to nominate an organisation to receive my CPF savings when I pass away. Are there any requirements for the type of organisation I can nominate?

You can nominate an organisation if it is a legal entity capable of receiving monies, including CPF monies, in its own right.

For an entity to be capable of receiving monies, it must be recognised under the law as being capable of doing certain things in its own name and not in the name of its members, such as owning and holding property, suing others, and being sued. Such entities would include companies (including public companies limited by guarantee) registered under the Companies Act 1967 and limited liability partnerships (LLP) registered under the Limited Liability Partnerships Act 2005.

You may also nominate societies registered under the Societies Act 1966.

You can check if the organisation has been registered as a society, company, or LLP via the following websites:

  1. Registry of Societies (for registered societies)
  2. ACRA's BizFile page (for companies, LLPs)

Alternatives if the organisation is not a legal entity

If you would like to nominate an organisation that is not a legal entity or registered with the Registry of Societies (ROS), you can consider the following alternatives:

  1. Discuss with the organisation on nominating a person holding an official position (e.g. General Manager or Chief Executive) within the organisation, or
  2. Nominate a trustee/trust company to receive your CPF savings on behalf of the organisation.

Please note that the person holding an official position in the organisation or the trustee/trust company will receive the CPF savings in his/its own right. Members are encouraged to make arrangements with the said person or the trustee/trust company on how to thereafter channel their CPF savings to the organisation.

Please also note that CPF Board is not in a position to enforce or ensure that the said person or the trustee/trust company will apply the CPF savings received for the benefit of the member’s intended beneficiaries. This is strictly a private arrangement between the member and the person or trustee/trust company.

If you require further clarification, you can write to us for assistance.