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When can I expect to receive my CPF savings upon account closure?
In view of the recent surge in applications to close CPF accounts, the processing duration has been extended up to 18 weeks. We seek your understanding on this matter.
a. Online applications
This is the fastest mode, with average processing time of about 12 weeks from the point of form submission. The processing duration may be longer if additional supporting documents are required.
b. Applications by post or in-person
The average processing time is about 18 weeks from the time we have received all required documents. Please note this excludes the time taken to transfer your CPF savings to your bank account, as it depends on the payment mode. If the volume of applications is high, the processing duration may be longer.
After your account is closed, the general time taken to receive your CPF savings will depend on the payment mode:
  1. Bank transfer via Interbank GIRO to a bank account in Singapore: Two working days;
  2. Telegraphic transfer: Five to twelve working days; or
  3. Cheque: The time taken for the cheque to reach you will depend on your country’s courier service.

Please only contact us to check on your account closure status if you have yet to receive a response from us after five months from the time you requested the Board to close your account. We seek your understanding that we will not be responding to any enquiries prior to that.