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I am not a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident. How do I close my CPF account and transfer my CPF savings to my bank account?

You may complete the online form for the Board to issue you a cheque for your CPF savings. The Board may request additional supporting documents to assess your eligibility to receive the CPF savings.


You will need your CPF Account Number if you are submitting the online form. If you do not have your CPF Account Number, please refer to the alternative modes under “For all other non-Singapore Citizens and non-Permanent Residents”, as we are unable to disclose your CPF Account Number over the phone.

Alternatively, you may close your CPF account via My Mailbox or Write to Us if:

  • You have a valid Singpass; or
  • You do not have a valid Singpass but have a single-name POSB/DBS/OCBC/UOB bank account maintained under your Singapore NRIC number

Please click here for more details.

If you are not in Singapore

You may submit the account closure form and required supporting documents by post. You are strongly encouraged to mail in your documents via registered mail.


Both the account closure form and all original supporting documents must be witnessed/certified true by an official of a Singapore Overseas Mission (SOM) with his official seal/stamp duly affixed. Please make an appointment in advance before you visit the SOM. Walk-in applicants may not be served.


Alternatively, if you are residing in a country which is part of the Apostille Convention:

  • Your documents must first be witnessed and certified true by a Notary Public;
  • Thereafter, the notarised documents must be certified by the designated Competent Authority of your country via the issuance of an apostille certificate.


If you are in Singapore

To facilitate faster processing, you are strongly encouraged to close your CPF account and transfer your CPF savings to your bank account before leaving Singapore. Once you have left the country, additional verification will be required for forms completed overseas as certification at a Singapore Overseas Mission is required. These may incur additional administrative charges.


Make an appointment to visit the CPF Service Centre to close your CPF account and transfer your CPF savings to your bank account. Please note that no walk-ins are allowed without an appointment.


When visiting the CPF Service Centre, please bring along:

1.       Your original copies of the supporting documents stated on the CPF account closure form.


>>If you are below age 21


Your parent or legal guardian can close your CPF account using this form.

Your parent or legal guardian can close your CPF account using this form.