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Best Security PracticesBest Security Practices<p>​Aside from the security measures put in place by the Board, you play an equally important role to ensure that your personal information is not compromised.</p><p>We strongly recommend that you observe the following security tips:</p><ol><li><p> ​​Safeguard your SingPass Password<br> </p><ul><li><p>Ensure no one is watching you while you key in your SingPass online.</p></li></ul><ul><li><p> Keep your SingPass confidential. Do not share or reveal it to others.</p></li><li><p> Do not use an easy to guess password for your SingPass. E.g. Your name, phone number, date of birth etc. </p></li><li><p> Choose a strong and unique password (e.g. a combination of alphanumeric characters of at least 8 characters minimum).</p></li><li><p> Change your SingPass regularly (e.g. every 90 days).</p></li><li><p> Remember your SingPass. Do not store it on your PC, mobile phone or on pieces of paper which are not secured.</p></li><li><p> Do not use the browser to “save” your SingPass for future reuse.</p></li><li><p>For more SingPass security tips, you can also visit the security awareness tips from SingPass website.</p><p>URL: <a href="">​​</a></p></li></ul></li><li><p>Use only your personal​ device for online transaction. Avoid conducting online transaction on a public/Internet kiosk device. In order to prevent virus/malware infection on your personal computing device, your personal computing device should be installed with anti-virus software and the virus signatures are to be updated daily. </p></li><li><p> Logoff your online session once you have completed your transaction or if you have to leave your PC for a while.<br></p></li><li><p> Clear your browser's cache and Internet history after each internet session.<br></p></li><li><p> Remove confidential files from temporary storage area (e.g. temporary folder or external storage device) after you have transmitted your file through the CPF Electronic Submission service. <br></p></li><li><p> Check your transaction history regularly via “My CPF Online Services - My Activities” to ensure that there are no unauthorised transactions.​<br></p></li></ol>

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