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Providing Accurate Wage Information During CPF Submission

QWhat do I declare as the wage, if my employee's Ordinary Wage (OW) and Additional Wage (AW) is above the OW and AW ceilings?

You should still provide the actual full wage information of your employee, even if it is above the Ordinary Wage (OW) and Additional Wage (AW) ceiling. Please refer to the examples as a reference:

When employee’s ordinary wage amount is above the OW Ceiling of $6,000 and additional wage is above computed AW ceiling of $30,000*:
Contribution Month for June 2020
Employee 1
Ordinary Wage (OW): $8,500
Additional Wage (AW): $100,000
Wage to be submitted for CPF contribution
Employee 1
OW: $8,500
AW: $100,000
*Based on $102,000 – Total OW subject to CPF for the year ($6,000 x 12 months) = $30,000

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