Making Voluntary Contributions

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What should I do if there is a change in employee's particulars?

Please ensure that your affected employees inform the Board of any changes in their personal particulars which include:

  1. Change in name
  2. Change in Passport/ Identity Card / Special Pass number
  3. Change in Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) or citizenship status

Your employee who has been issued with a new Singapore Identity Card will be given new CPF account. The new CPF account number is the same as his new Singapore Identity Card number. You should therefore pay CPF contributions into the new CPF account, and inform your employee to contact CPF Board to merge his previous CPF account (if any) with the new CPF account. This is to ensure that only one CPF account is maintained for the employee concerned. Submission of CPF contributions to accounts with an SA/SB/SD/SF/TC/TF prefix will be rejected.