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Making Voluntary Contributions

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How do I make additional or back pay CPF contributions for my employees if I am submitting CPF contributions via Electronic Standing Instructions (ESI)?

On top of your existing Electronic Standing Instructions (ESI) arrangement, you can make additional or back payments of CPF contributions for your employees by performing an additional submissions via the steps below:

  1. At ESI Main Menu, select Perform Additional Submission.
  2. Select the Month and key in the Year you are submitting for and click Continue to proceed.
  3. Enter the contribution details for the affected employee (key in only the shortfall CPF amount) but enter the full wages earned for the month.
  4. After completing all the contribution details and the summary section (key in CPF late payment interest, if applicable), click on Continue.
  5. Verify the contribution details and click Direct Debit to complete the payment.
  6. You will see the online acknowledgement screen after the submission is completed successfully. An email will also be sent to your email address(es) registered with the Board.