Making Voluntary Contributions

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The employee’s name I submitted is different from the name in his/her NRIC, what should I do?

CPF contribution will be credited to employee's CPF account based on NRIC despite the mismatched name. Any mismatch in the name and NRIC for new hires who are contributing their CPF for the first time with the employer will be flagged out once in the ROP.  Employers are required to correct employee’s name in the next CPF submission.  

If you have paid CPF contributions to the intended employee

Please remember to update your employee's name as shown in his/her NRIC in your next CPF submission. Kindly note that matching is only done on the principal name, so you should not key in variants such as hanyu pinyin and aliases.

If you have paid CPF contributions to the wrong employee

Please request for a refund or an adjustment of CPF contributions immediately.

Any errors in CPF contributions should be rectified early while the documentary evidence is fresh. Request for refund or adjustment of CPF contributions Online must be made within one year from the date of payment of the CPF. You can refer to the 'Payment Received on' field in the Record of Payment to determine the date of payment.