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Making Voluntary Contributions

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How is the CPF contribution rate applied when my employee moves to the next age group?

The contribution rates of your employee aged above 55, 60, 65 or 70 years shall be applied from the first day of the month after the month of his 55th, 60th, 65th or 70th birthday.


Your employee’s 55th birthday falls on 13 January 2022.

CPF contribution rate
For wages earned in January 2022
(55 years and below)
For wages earned in February 2022
(Above 55 to 60 years)

37% of total wages (>$750)
(Employer's share = 17%;
Employee's share = 20%)

28% of total wages (>$750)
(Employer's share = 14%;
Employee's share = 14%)


  • The employee is deemed to have attained 55 years of age on his 55th birthday and would be classified in the "55 years and below" age group; and
  • deemed to be above 55 years old on the day after his 55th birthday. As the contribution rates are applicable on a monthly basis, he will be classified in the "Above 55 to 60 years" age group in the month after his 55th birthday i.e. month of February 2022.