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Making Voluntary Contributions

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What are the payment modes available under Contribute-As-You-Earn (CAYE)?

Corporate service buyers (CSBs) can make Contribute-As-You-Earn (CAYE) contributions via two payment modes:

Bank mode

  • CSBs will pay the full service fee payment to CPF Board’s appointed bank, OCBC, via GIRO Direct Debit Authorisation (DDA).
  • OCBC will compute and pay the net service fee to the self-employed person (SEP)’s bank account, and credit the required CAYE contribution to the SEP’s MediSave account.

Online submission mode via Direct Debit Authorisation (DDA)

  • CSBs will log into the CAYE digital services using their Corppass and key in the service fee to be paid to the SEP.
  • The CAYE digital services will indicate the CAYE contribution required for each SEP.
  • CSBs will only pay the CAYE contribution to SEP’s MediSave account via DDA.
  • CSBs will pay the net service fee to SEP separately.