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Making Voluntary Contributions

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I have indicated the wrong relevant month/CPF Submission Number (CSN)/payment type in my CPF contribution. How can I request to make an adjustment?

If there are errors in your CPF contributions, you can submit an online application for "Adjustment of CPF Payment". You will need to have a CPF Account number and CPF Submission Number (CSN).


1.       Application for the adjustment has to be made immediately and no later than one year from the date of payment. Otherwise, it will be deemed as properly paid and cannot be adjusted.

2.       You have to inform your employees who are affected by the adjustment.

3.       Application is subject to the availability of funds in the member's CPF account.

4.       You will be notified by the Board after the adjustment has been processed.

5.       The due date for CPF contributions is on the last day of the calendar month. Late payment interest will be charged at 1.5% per month commencing from the first day after the due date if employers fail to make the payment by the 14th of the following month (or the next working day if the 14th falls on a Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday).