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What is the relevant reporting period (of audited expense ratio) that fund managers are required to submit?

For existing CPF Investment Scheme funds, the new Total Expense Ratio (TER) caps will take effect from 1 Jan 2016. As such, the compliance with the new TER caps for each fund will be based on the audited report for the financial year of the fund ended in a month in 2016. The implementation date for the new TER cap for a fund will be one day after the deadline of submission of the audited report for the fund.

The Board encourages Fund Management Companies (FMCs)/Insurers to assess early whether their funds can meet the new TER caps. If their funds cannot meet the new TER caps, FMCs/ Insurers should inform the Board early.

However, FMCs/Insurers must factor in the period required for settling the purchase transactions and thus the last purchase date must be at least five working days before the implementation date. This means that after the last purchase date, if a CPF member buys a fund that does not meet the TER cap, FMCs/ Insurers should not channel the subscriptions into that fund. If the funds cannot meet the TER cap, FMCs/ Insurers should communicate the consequence clearly to their unitholders/ policyholders, before the last purchase date. Please refer to the relevant reporting period (PDF, 0.1MB) for details.