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Shows you how to check/reschedule an existing appointment 660GP0|#3920d40e-8d7e-4707-8642-0777c4d19e05;L0|#03920d40e-8d7e-4707-8642-0777c4d19e05|CPF e-Medical Appointment Service;GTSet|#ead96e16-4d0b-4e4d-9e68-8abef6ef92ea;GPP|#6eecf15a-73dc-4cb7-97e7-c9c004ce90cd;GPP|#07455ff4-7e61-4d26-88ed-8cff5771605aShows you how to check/reschedule an existing appointment <a href="/Assets/members/Documents/OnlineDemo/eMedAppt.mp4" target="_blank"><img alt="" src="/_layouts/15/IMAGES/icgen.gif">Shows you how to check/reschedule an existing appointment</a><ol><li>Select Services </li><li>Select CPF e-Medical Appointment Service </li><li>Select Check / Reschedule existing appointment </li><li>Please read the Important Notes<br></li><li>Select Check / Reschedule existing appointment </li><li>Enter your NRIC number (for example, S1234567X) </li><li>Select your Date of Birth from the dropdown list (for example, dd mm yyyy) </li><li>Select the Next button to proceed<br></li><li>Your appointment details will be displayed </li><li>Select the “Reschedule Appointment” button to change your appointment </li><li>Select the new appointment date and time from the dropdown list </li><li>Enter your contact number </li><li>Enter your email address to receive email acknowledgement when your appointment is rescheduled </li><li>Select the checkbox to authorise the Board to release your contact number to the clinic </li><li>Select the Next button to proceed </li><li>Please review the rescheduled appointment details </li><li>Select the checkbox after you have reviewed the appointment details </li><li>Select the Confirm button to confirm your appointment </li><li>Please see the rescheduled appointment details and read the Important Notes on the acknowledgement page </li></ol>800,570

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