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CPF Appointment ServiceTo make an appointment with our Customer Service Executive on CPF Retirement matters CPF Appointment ServiceTrueFalseTrue



CPF Appointment ServiceCPF Appointment Service<p>You can make an appointment:</p><ol><li>for our Customer Service Executive (CSE) to call you back based on the appointment time to save you a trip to visit us; or</li><li>to see our CSE at any CPF Service Centre.</li></ol> <br> <p>You will receive a reminder via SMS (only for Singapore-registered mobile number) one day before your appointment to receive the call-back or to visit CPF Service Centre.</p><p>Appointment must be made <strong>at least one working day in advance</strong> and is subject to availability of time-slots.</p> <br> <p> <strong>Appointment for Callback</strong> – <a href="">Callback@CPF</a></p><ul><li>For any CPF-related matters, including Employer Services and MediSave for Self-Employed Persons</li><li>On your scheduled callback, we will make one call attempt based on your appointment time.<br></li><li>For your callback appointment, you will receive a call from the number <strong>6845 4401</strong>. If you have missed our call to you, please visit <a href="/callback"></a> to make a new appointment. <br> </li></ul> <br> <p> <strong>Appointment at CPF Service Centre</strong> - <a href="">Appointment@CPF</a></p><ul><li>For CPF Member-related matters</li><li>One person per appointment slot</li></ul> <br> <p>Please note that we cannot accept Court Orders relating to Division of Matrimonial Assets at our service centres.</p>

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