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MediShield Life

QWhat will happen if I do not pay my unpaid MediShield Life premiums?

With universal MediShield Life coverage, as part of collective responsibility, all Singapore Residents should play their part in paying their premiums in a timely manner. This ensures that MediShield Life is able to meet its commitments to all its members and pay out on claims.

However, there may be a small group of defaulters who have the means but choose not to pay premiums. The premium recovery measures are targeted at this group to discourage freeloading and ensure that they also pay their fair share of premiums. Otherwise, premium defaults will translate to bad debts to the MediShield Life Fund and higher premiums for all.

If you do not make full payment for your unpaid MediShield Life premiums, compounded annual interest of 4% and penalties of up to 17% may be imposed and enforcement actions may be taken for the recovery of your outstanding MediShield Life premiums.

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