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Management of Schemes<div><div><div class="col-xs-12 col-sm-6 col-md-6 col-lg-6 col-print-6"><table><tbody><tr><td> <img class="img-responsive" alt="Sherline Swee image" src="/Assets/members/PublishingImages/Careers/SherlineSwee.png" /> </td></tr></tbody></table></div></div></div><p> </p><table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0"><tbody><tr class="ms-rteTableEvenRow-default"><td class="ms-rteTableEvenCol-default" colspan="1" style="width:50%;"><p>​</p><p> <strong>1. What attracted you to join CPFB? </strong> <br>I relished the opportunity to work in the public sector and be part of an organisation that administers schemes which benefit many Singaporeans. </p><p> <strong>2. Give us an overview of what you do and what you find meaningful about your work.</strong><br>I assess and approve MediShield Life claims to enable CPF members to pay for their hospitalisation bills. I also participate in the deliberation of MediShield Life policies with the Ministry of Health. Being able to help CPF members meet their healthcare needs gives me a sense of purpose and job satisfaction. </p><p> <strong>3. What challenges do you face at work, and how do you overcome them? </strong> <br>I’ll have to juggle various aspects of projects to ensure timely policy implementation according to MOH’s business requirements. Some of them include: </p><ul><li>working with internal and external stakeholders in the design of suitable business processes and systems</li><li>communicating with the various stakeholders (e.g. medical institutions, insurers and IT vendors) to get their buy-in; and   </li><li>explaining the features and policies of the MediShield Life scheme to help CPF members better appreciate its benefits </li></ul><p> <strong>4. What are some of the career development and learning opportunities you’ve had? </strong> <br>Since joining CPFB in 2013, I’ve benefited from the exposure to the various aspects of project implementation and learnt how to translate policies into implementation. I’ve also picked up soft skills, e.g. managing members of the public, internal and external stakeholders, communication and supervisory skills. </p><p> <strong>5. If you were to recommend CPFB as a working place to your friend, what would you say? </strong> <br>CPFB has a conducive and supportive environment where everyone works together to achieve a common goal; there are learning opportunities for career development. It is also a place which allows me to achieve my work objectives, while balancing my personal and family life. </p></td></tr></tbody></table>Management of SchemesTrueTrue

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