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FAQs<p> <strong>Q1: What is covered in the CPF Board Local Undergraduate Scholarship?</strong><br>A1: All approved tuition fees, compulsory fees and monthly allowance are covered. Aside to the monetary value of this scholarship, successful candidate can look forward to engaging internship opportunities and exposure to meaning work in CPF Board and Ministries.</p> <br> <p> <strong>Q2: What are the general eligibility requirements for CPF Board Local Undergraduate Scholarship?</strong><br>A2: Singaporean and/or Singapore PR Undergraduates who are currently in any year of study with good academic performance and good CCA record are welcome to apply for the scholarship. Aside from the eligibility requirements, we are looking for individuals who possess strong leadership, strong analytical and communication skills with a keen passion in seeking a meaningful career with CPF Board.</p> <br> <p> <strong>Q3: Are scholarships offered every year? If I missed the application deadline this year, can I apply for it the next year?</strong><br>A3: Scholarship is offered on a yearly basis with 2 applications windows (i.e. Jan-Mar and Aug-Sep). The Jan-Mar application window primarily targets fresh GCE "A" Level, IB and Polytechnic Students. The Aug-Sep application window targets current undergraduate students in local universities. You can apply for our scholarship next year should you miss the application deadline this year.</p> <br> <p> <strong>Q4: How many scholarships will be offered?</strong><br>A4: The CPF Board Local Undergraduate Scholarship will be offered based on merit. We can have flexibility on numbers if there are many good candidates applying.</p> <br> <p> <strong>Q5: How do I apply for the CPF Board Local Undergraduate Scholarship?</strong><br>A5: Please submit your application via the BrightSparks Scholarship Portal at <a href="" target="_blank"></a> </p> <br> <p> <strong>Q6: When can I expect to learn on the outcome of my scholarship application?</strong><br>A6: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted regarding their applications. Successful applicants will then be contacted and forwarded an offer letter for the scholarship.</p> <br> <p> <strong>Q7: What courses and disciplines are covered in the CPF Board Local Undergraduate Scholarship?</strong><br>A7: All disciplines offered in local recognised Universities/Institutions are welcomed. CPF Board welcomes and appreciates applicants with diverse experiences and knowledge.</p> <br> <p> <strong>Q8: What is the bond obligation for the scholarship?</strong><br>A8: The stipulated bond obligation is 1 year for every year of sponsorship.</p> <br> <p> <strong>Q9: What is the penalty for breaking the bond?</strong><br>A9: Liquidated damages will be levied on scholars who break the bond. The amount to be levied will be in accordance with the monetary value of the scholarship.</p> <br> <p> <strong>Q10: Is there a cap on the scholarship fund amount?</strong><br>A10: The monetary value of the scholarship is not a fixed dollar value. It depends on the length and cost of the funded course of study and the length of the course. There is currently no cap imposed on the value of the scholarship.</p> <br> <p> <strong>Q11: How supportive is CPF Board if a scholar wishes to take up further postgraduate education for career progression?</strong><br>A11: CPF Board has a nurturing learning culture and is supportive of staff who express interest to upgrade and enhance their current skillset and knowledge in relation to their work scope. Postgraduate opportunities are offered to staff who have performed well in their work scope and have shown potential to assume higher appointment in the near future.</p> FAQsTrueTrue

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