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UnderstandWhat is GDEC?<p>The CPF Generic Data Exchange Centre (GDEC) is the central point for the Board's business partners to exchange data with the Board. Registered users can upload data to the Board or download data from the Board as long as they are registered users of the GDEC service.<br><br> To use the service, you will need:<br><br> 1.A computer with internet access <br>2.Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and above or Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and above, with Java Virtual Machine (JVM) or Java (Sun) 1.5 Plugin<br>3.A valid UEN / Entity ID and CorpPass <br>4.Successful registration <br><br>View the Terms of Use for CPF Generic Data Exchange Centre (GDEC). <br><br>The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption for the GDEC service is free. To register for the GDEC service, you have to agree with your existing business contact officer in the Board, on the file layout. <br><br>Once you have reached an agreement on the file layout and the schedule in uploading and/or downloading the data file(s), you may proceed to register online. <br><br>If you are already a registered GDEC user, you may proceed to use the service. </p><p> <br> <strong>For More Info</strong></p><p>Email: <a href=""></a></p>6363
UnderstandWhat are the Terms of Use?Please read the following carefully before completing the application form for CPF GDEC service.<br> <br>1. The CPF GDEC application form is to be completed by an authorised officer from the requesting organisation. The designated authority signs the undertaking on behalf of and binds the requesting organisation.<br>   <br>2. The form must be duly completed with detailed information to facilitate accurate assessment. Incomplete forms and/or inadequate information provided may result in the request being rejected or the processing delayed.<br>   <br>3. Any application to use the Service is subject to the Central Provident Fund Board’s approval at its sole discretion, without having to give reasons for approval or rejection.<br>   <br>4. Any entity authorised by the Board to access or use the Service (“Authorised Entity”) shall ensure that any person it may authorise to access or use the Service (“Authorised Person”) shall not interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper working of the Service nor of any system or network connected thereto. The Authorised Entity shall ensure that only Authorised Persons can have access to or use the Service.<br>   <br>5. The appointment by any Authorised Entity of any system administrator and of any Authorised Person for the purpose of the Service shall be subject to the Board’s acceptance. The Board reserves the sole discretion to refuse access by such administrator or by any Authorised Person at any time without having to give any reason nor any prior notice thereof.<br>   <br>6. Any access or use of the Service shall be subject to such terms and conditions as the Board may, in its sole discretion, from time to time impose.<br>   <br>7. It is the responsibility of each Authorised Entity to adopt reasonable safeguards and ensure they do not introduce viruses or any other undesirable or malicious software / codes to the Board via this system.<br>   <br>8. The File ID for business partners exchanging files with CPF Board via GDEC service must be pre-arranged with the CPF contact officer(s).<br>   <br>9. Authorised Entity shall be responsible to check and ensure the successful transmission (upload / download) of any files to and from the GDEC system. The Board shall not be responsible for any loss of files or data arising from any errors in transmissions or any other operational conditions.<br>   <br>10. Each Authorised Entity and each Authorised Person shall safeguard the confidentiality of any information the Board transmits and receives via the Service and shall ensure that no reproduction, display, broadcasting, publishing or adaptation of such information in any medium be made, except for the purpose for which such information is disclosed. Each Authorised Entity and each Authorised Person acknowledges that any breach of confidentiality of any information received via the Service is an offence under the Official Secrets Act (Cap. 213).<br>   <br>11. Without prejudice to Clause 10, the Board may assign a security classification to information made available by the Board via the Service, namely, RESTRICTED, CONFIDENTIAL, SECRET or TOP SECRET and such information are considered classified material. The Authorised Entity and/or Authorised Person who receives classified material via the Service shall ensure its confidentiality and no person shall be given knowledge or possession of any classified information unless there is a need for the person to know or possess such material. Classified material shall be stored in secure places and disposed of by destruction.<br>   <br>12. All information available via the Service and all intellectual property rights arising from such information shall vest at all times in the Board solely. Transmission and/or receipt of such information by any person shall not confer on such person any ownership nor intellectual property rights in such information.<br>   <br>13. The Board does not warrant:<br>  <br>13.1   the accuracy of any information received and / or sent via the Service;<br>13.2   the timely, complete nor uninterrupted receipt and / or sending of any information via the Service; nor<br>13.3   the uninterrupted availability of the Service.<br>   <br>14. Each Authorised Entity shall not hold the Board liable for whatsoever loss, cost, damage, claim or expense that they may suffer or incur, howsoever arising from, but not limited to the following:<br>  <br>14.1   any access, use, abuse or misuse of the Service by any person;<br>14.2   any inaccuracy in any information received / sent via the Service;<br>14.3   any delayed, incomplete and/or interrupted receipt / sending of any information via the Service;<br>14.4   any interruption in the availability of the Service; and<br>14.5   any modification, suspension, termination or withdrawal of the Service.<br>   <br>15. Each Authorised Entity shall indemnify the Board against any loss, cost, damage, claim, expense or liability suffered or incurred by the Board, howsoever arising from any access or use of the Service by it or by any of its Authorised Persons or through breach of these terms.<br>   <br>16. The Board reserves the absolute discretion to:<br>  <br>16.1   modify, suspend, terminate or withdraw the Service; and/or<br>16.2   amend, add to or delete any of these terms and conditions, <br>at any time without having to give any reason nor any prior notice thereof.<br>   <br>17. In the event that the Service is unavailable due to any reason whatsoever, the Board shall implement contingency measures according to its then prevailing policies and practices. Each Authorised Entity should have its own contingency measures at its end should such an event occur.<br>   <br>18. In the event that the Authorised Entity and/or the Authorised Person(s) commit a breach of any of the terms contained herein, the Authorised Entity and/or the Authorised Person(s) shall be liable to pay damages for losses incurred by the Board, whether arising directly or indirectly out of the breach.<br>   <br>19. The Authorised Entity may not transfer or assign its rights pursuant to these terms without the prior written consent (via email or otherwise) of the Board which is in the Board’s sole discretion.<br>   <br>20. The above terms and conditions and any subsequent modifications, variations, additions and/or deletions shall bind all Authorised Entities and all Authorised Persons and their assignees if any.6666











Download file Download file /Tools/online-demos/online-demos/business-partners/data-exchange-services669MP4, 1.3MB
Upload file Upload file /Tools/online-demos/online-demos/business-partners/data-exchange-services664MP4, 1.5MB
Application For CPF Generic Data Exchange Centre (GDEC) ServiceApplication For CPF Generic Data Exchange Centre (GDEC) Service/Tools/online-demos/online-demos/business-partners/online-applications690MP4, 2.0MB
Enquire Status & Details of uploaded files Enquire Status & Details of uploaded files /Tools/online-demos/online-demos/business-partners/data-exchange-services665MP4, 1.2MB
Update User Access List Update User Access List /Tools/online-demos/online-demos/business-partners/data-exchange-services666MP4, 1.6MB
Enquire User Access List Enquire User Access List /Tools/online-demos/online-demos/business-partners/data-exchange-services668MP4, 1.2MB
Update File Particulars Update File Particulars /Tools/online-demos/online-demos/business-partners/data-exchange-services670MP4, 1.5MB
Enquire File Particulars Enquire File Particulars /Tools/online-demos/online-demos/business-partners/data-exchange-services673MP4, 1.2MB














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