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CPF Facts and Fallacies<p>​From time to time, members may come across claims or assertions about the CPF that are incorrect. We have placed the following materials on this page to help members separate fact from fallacy, and gain a better understanding of the CPF system. You can also find more information at our <a href="/Members/Schemes">CPF Schemes</a> section and at the <a href="/members/faq/schemes/retirement/cpf-life">Frequently Asked Questions</a> section.</p><p> </p>​ <br>​ <table width="100%" class="cpf-table cpf-form-table "><thead><tr><th>​Retirement Sum <sup> <strong>1</strong></sup></th></tr></thead><tbody><tr><td><div> <a href="" target="_blank">Did the Government secretly increase the CPF Retirement Sums?</a> (Factually, 19 January 2018)<br></div></td></tr><tr><td> <a href="" target="_blank">FAQs on CPF (Minimum Sum)</a> (Straits Times, 31 May 2014) </td></tr><tr><td> <a href="" target="_blank">8 Things About The Minimum Sum You Should Know</a> (CPF Board Facebook Page, 30 May 2014) ​</td></tr><tr><td><div> <a href="" target="_blank">The Truth About Our CPF and the Minimum Sum</a> (Manpower Minister’s blog post, 25 May 2014)<br></div></td></tr><tr><td><div> <a href="" target="_blank">Clarifying misperceptions about CPF</a> (MOM’s Facebook Page, 11 April 2014)<br></div></td></tr></tbody></table> <br> <table width="100%" class="cpf-table cpf-form-table "><thead><tr><th>​CPF Housing</th></tr></thead><tbody><tr><td> 3 Important Things to Know When You Sell Your House Financed with CPF Savings after 55 Years Old (<a href="" target="_blank">Facebook</a> 25 Aug 2018; <a href="/Assets/common/PublishingImages/Common%20Images/Response_on_P+I_refund_whatsapp.JPG" target="_blank">WhatsApp</a> 5 June 2018, JPG 0.3MB; <a href="" target="_blank">Facebook</a> 4 June 2018) </td></tr><tr><td> <a href="" target="_blank">What Happens When You Sell Your House at Age 55 and Above?</a> (CPF Facebook Page, 30 May 2018)</td></tr><tr><td> <a href="" target="_blank">8 Things You Should Know When Using CPF for ​Property​</a> (CPF Board Facebook Page, 8 August 2014) </td></tr></tbody></table> <br> <table class="cpf-table cpf-form-table " style="width:100%;"><thead><tr><th>​CPF Nomination</th></tr></thead><tbody><tr><td style="height:37px;"> <a href="" target="_blank">Response to a Facebook post by Mdm R regarding the unclaimed CPF monies she received as a nominee</a> (CPF Facebook Page, 20 Oct 2018)</td></tr><tr><td style="height:37px;"> CPF savings are distributed in cash to nominees by default, and are not automatically deposited into MediSave Account (<a href="" target="_blank">Facebook</a> 17 Sept 2018; <a href="/Assets/common/PublishingImages/Common%20Images/NOMSavingsDistributedNomineesInCashDefault.JPG" target="_blank">WhatsApp</a> 17 Sept 2018, JPG 0.2MB)</td></tr><tr><td> <a href="" target="_blank">How Would My Nominees Receive My CPF Savings?</a> (CPF Facebook Page, 2 April 2018)</td></tr><tr><td> <a href="" target="_blank">What happens to your CPF savings when you pass away?</a> (Factually, 17 June 2017) ​<br> </td></tr><tr><td> <a href="" target="_blank">8 Things You Should Know About Your CPF Nomination</a> (CPF Board Facebook Page, 4 July 2014) ​<br> </td></tr></tbody></table> <br> <table class="cpf-table cpf-form-table" style="width:100%;height:242px;"><thead><tr><th>CPF in general</th></tr></thead><tbody><tr><td rowspan="1">​<a href="" target="_blank">Quick facts on housing, withdrawals and CPF LIFE</a> (CPF Facebook page, 19 Oct 2018) </td></tr><tr><td rowspan="1">​<a href="" target="_blank">Reply to “CPF LIFE eats all your % if you die early?”</a> (CPF Facebook page, 28 August 2018) </td></tr><tr><td rowspan="1">​<a href="" target="_blank">Reply to “Dear CPF Board, you are the appointed agency to manage my retirement fund”</a> (CPF Facebook page, 18 August 2018) </td></tr><tr><td rowspan="1">​<a href="/Assets/common/PublishingImages/Common%20Images/REPLY_to_A_very_well_written_letter_to_CPF_Board.jpg" target="_blank">Reply to "A Very Well Written Letter to CPF Board"</a> (JPG, 0.5MB) (WhatsApp, 9 August 2018)  </td></tr><tr><td rowspan="1">​<a href="" target="_blank">Are CPF funds mismanaged?</a> (Factually, 15 May 2016)  </td></tr><tr><td> <a href="" target="_blank">Ensuring safe and fair CPF returns</a> (Straits Times, 11 July 2014)​</td></tr><tr><td rowspan="1"> <a href="" target="_blank">​’Fair and safe’ - Tharman tells how CPF rates are set</a> (Straits Times, 9 July 2014) </td></tr><tr><td rowspan="1"> <a href="" target="_blank">​CPF debate must reflect policy realities </a>(Business Times, 6 June 2014) </td></tr><tr><td rowspan="1"> <a href="/Assets/common/PublishingImages/CPFHowItWorks.jpg" target="_blank">​CPF: How It Works</a> (JPG, 0.2MB) (Business Times infographic, 6 June 2014) </td></tr><tr><td rowspan="1">​<a href="" target="_blank">Hunt for higher CPF yields entails trade-offs, risks</a> (Business Times, 6 June 2014) </td></tr><tr><td rowspan="1"> <a href="" target="_blank">​CPF monies not used for Govt spending: Ministry</a> (Straits Times, 31 May 2014) </td></tr><tr><td rowspan="1">​<a href="" target="_blank">CPF interest rates 'better than market alternatives</a>' (Straits Times, 30 May 2014) </td></tr><tr><td rowspan="1"> <a href="" target="_blank">​Irrational to expect both low risk and high returns</a> (Straits Times, 30 May 2014) </td></tr></tbody></table>​ <br> <p> <br> <span style="font-size:0.9em;"><sup>1</sup> Formerly known as Minimum Sum</span></p>CPF Facts and FallaciesTrueFalseTrue

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