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ComplimentsCompliments<p>Through the compliments we have received from you, it is gratifying to know that you are happy with our service. Thank you for the compliments, which spur us to continually improve on our services to you. </p><p>We value your compliments and feedback to help us improve our service.<br><a href="/surveys/lists/my%20cpf%20online%20services%20survey/newform.aspx">Give us a compliment or feedback for improvement!</a></p><p> </p>TrueTrueTrue



The CPF officer assisting me was very professional and knowledgeable of the solutions to my queries and also, the response time had exceeded my expectations. Ms Ain had clarified all my queries.2017-12-28T16:00:00ZKIAN MING
<p>​Bhavani has taken the time to go through our enquiries and concerns on our CPF accounts. With her explanation, she has helped address our concerns in greater clarity and we now have a clearer picture in managing our accounts. </p>2017-12-19T16:00:00ZLUM YOKE HAR
<p>​I have always had good responses and resolutions from CPF staff. Very exemplary and a vital asset to any service organisation. Thank you so much.</p>2017-12-17T16:00:00ZMR CHIN
<p>​Fernando communicates well, and she was very efficient as the nomination process was completed in 10 minutes. I was also served on time, as per the appointment timing I was given.</p>2017-12-17T16:00:00ZKELVIN CHANG KIA HUAT
<p>​Indra is very attentive. He managed to calm me down and make me understand his detailed explanation with regards to my enquiry. I left CPF feeling satisfied and relieved. Congrats for having Indra as a great CPF ambassador!</p>2017-12-14T16:00:00ZAFANDI BIN ABU BAKAR
<p>​Explicit and efficient. Professional information provided in a timely manner that is clear and easily  understood. Thank you CPF officer, who replied me.</p>2017-12-12T16:00:00ZJOSEPHINE
<p>​Really went out of the way to explain, not only the answers to my questions but also presented different options for me to go forward with my CPF investments. Thank you!</p>2017-12-06T16:00:00ZTOBIAS
<p>​I am so proud of CPFB's very helpful and consistent 1st class email replies to members. 1st class email replies include clear, relevant and excellent explanations (leaving no rooms for ambiguities or going round the circle as is the poor standards of the many other Govt agencies.) Heartiest congratulations to our highly efficient and exceptional helpful CPFB officers. The nation salutes your high standards for other's to emulate.</p>2016-06-29T16:00:00ZTAN TECK HOCK
<p>​Mr Clarence Goh is extremely intelligent, knowledgeable and polite. Man of the entire Civil Service. </p>2016-06-29T16:00:00ZMR DUBE VINOD KUMAR
<p>​Mr Tan Kheng Ngap was very attentive and helpful. He was patient and didn't mind going through the whole process again just to ensure I have adequate information. He also spent time to explain to me about other CPF matter which he is not obligated. He is truly a mentor and that's how I look up at a government officer as he should be (Trustful, very detailed, knowledgeable and attentive to our needs).</p>2016-06-30T16:00:00ZMS LIANA
<p>​Christina Chan responded to our email quickly. Her answers to our questions were clear and to the point. We are happy with her prompt and quick service. Keep up the good work!</p>2016-06-30T16:00:00ZANGIE LIM
<p>​On 9th June 2016, I requested the breakdown of May levy and Keryn Wu Shixuan provided me not only my requested one but also detailed calculation. The information provided to me is very useful and easy to understand. I greatly appreciate her service at CPF Board.</p>2016-06-30T16:00:00ZSCARLETTE THIRI
<p>​Mr Teo Zhi Wei is extremely helpful, friendly and resourceful in helping to complete my CPF transaction in a very efficient manner.</p>2016-07-03T16:00:00ZMR YEO ENG HUAT
<p>​Your reply provided comprehensive information. As a result, it helps me to plan for my retirement. Excellent correspondence service.</p>2016-07-03T16:00:00ZDAVID KONG
<p>​Very helpful and friendly. Explanation was clear and precise.</p>2016-07-10T16:00:00ZYAP CHENG HO
The service provided by the staff concern is highly commendable and my queries have been handled in a timely and effective manner. Having lived overseas in several countries, the Singapore Government authorities in all sections experienced in the past have been extremely courteous and helpful, and are far more friendly and service-oriented than experienced elsewhere. Thank you.2016-07-12T16:00:00ZDETLEV TRUERNIT
<p>​Very prompt. I got a reply within a couple of hours. Explanation was very detailed and helpful.</p>2016-07-12T16:00:00ZDANIEL POON
<p>​I would like to compliment Ms Nur Rabi'atul 'Adawiyah Dahlan. She answered all my enquiry with a smile. I feel very comfortable being served by her and am impressed by the extra mile she went. Keep up the awesome service and I wish her all the best.</p>2016-07-14T16:00:00ZMDM CHUA BEE LENG
<p>​Jasmine demonstrated that she has sufficient knowledge to answer my questions. Her attitude is heart-warming. It is a pleasant experience talking to her and receiving her service.</p>2016-07-17T16:00:00ZZHOU HUIJUN
Kirk has been very patient with my questions and responded fast and in a clear manner. He was friendly and polite. He has helped me through the process I inquired about.2016-07-21T16:00:00ZANDREAS V KOCH
<p>​I am really satisfied with your service because it has helped me to understand the proceduce and process to withdraw CPF funds. At first, I was really confused about getting my father's CPF number because he cannot remember it. With your assistance, I manage to withdraw his fund. Thank you very much. </p>2016-07-26T16:00:00ZFADILAH ABDULLAH
<p>​Dear Ms Nurulkamaria, thank you for the reply. It was precise and clear. I wish all civil servants could craft such replies to queries. Keep it up! </p>2016-07-28T16:00:00ZRAJANDRAN
Excellent service. My admiration, trust and belief on the Singapore Government services upheld.2016-07-31T16:00:00ZN E SHANMUGAM
<p>​Ms Josephine Chow was polite, friendly and patient. The whole CPF scheme was explained clearly and I left feeling that my money is in good hands. She also spotted some other CPF concerns that I forgotten about so that I could follow up on it. Thanks very much indeed. </p>2016-08-03T16:00:00ZMS WONG MING EE
I’m truly enlightened by Mr Eddie Er who has patiently explained to me about the various features of the CPF scheme and it’s usage. He is very knowledgeable and professional in the elaboration of my CPF matters. I feel like I am talking to a friend who’s given me very sincere and practical advice. He has certainly showed professionalism in the customer service.2016-08-09T16:00:00ZMR TAN KIM KUAN
<p>​She knows the company product well and her explanation was very simple and easy to understand. She's an asset to the company. Keep up the good work Nurulkamariah.</p>2016-08-09T16:00:00ZRUSLI BIN ISMADI
I’d been to CPFB many times and often left the premise with some doubts. Today, I am really impressed with Ms Yeo Hui Sian’s professionalism. She is so informative, patient and courteous. She knows the “ins” and “outs” of her job scope. Thumbs up for Ms Hui Sian. I voluntarily requested for a feedback form because I am truly delighted by her work performance and professionalism and her very pleasant disposition. Thank you, Hui Sian.2016-08-16T16:00:00ZMDM AW GUAT LEE JECCY
<p>​Ms Lim Hui Kiang has exceptional skills in handling customers. She displays a natural warm heart to help the elderly to understand issues. Exceptionally patient and very friendly approach. A natural leader in her own ways.</p>2016-08-11T16:00:00ZMR LI SEN ROY
<p>​Very prompt and courteous. Understood my situation and helped me. </p>2016-08-16T16:00:00ZSIMRATA SINGH
I received a reply via email very quickly informing me that my request being a sensitive issue, CPF Board would send me a letter which I received in the next few days. The infromation provided was clear to understand. I really appreciate the promptness and clarity.2016-08-16T16:00:00ZWONG HONG LEE
<p>​The customer service officer was very helpful in linking the questions to other government body for further clarification on our enquiry. This has saved us time.</p>2016-08-18T16:00:00ZADELINE LOKE
1. Prompt reply 2. Courteous in writing 3. Helpful 4. Single point of contact/knowledgeable staff 5. Pleasant to communicate with the board. Majulah Singapura!2016-08-22T16:00:00ZLIONG VUI HYEN
<p>​Well done for your reply to my query that has met my objectives. Thank you for the prompt and effective correspondence. Have a nice day!</p>2016-08-22T16:00:00ZDAVID KONG
<p>​The reply was received within 3 days, considered quite a fast response. The reply was clear & specific. </p>2016-08-22T16:00:00ZTEO TEONG BOON
<p>​Very prompt and clear instruction that left absolutely no room for any doubt. Excellent service!</p>2016-08-23T16:00:00ZSAMEER RAO
<p>​Nurulkamaria was very prompt in her reply to my query. Besides her prompt response, she gave clear and concise explanation to my query professionally. I am satisfied with her customer service. Well done to Nurul and please keep up the good spirit!</p>2016-08-24T16:00:00ZHENG WAH KOON
<p>​Promptly responded to my email within the indicated turnaround time. Furthermore, the email reply contained all the information that I requested. Response was so clear and thorough that I did not have to contact CPF again for further assistance. Thank you once again.</p>2016-08-29T16:00:00ZPUR-DEE NG
<p>​Ms Ngo provided timely response and addressed clearly all of my queries. Great professional service by CPF according to Singapore standard. I am proud of it.</p>2016-08-30T16:00:00ZMARTIN TJAHJONO
<p>​Courteous and prompt response which I appreciated very much.</p>2016-08-30T16:00:00ZTAN SEE WEE
<p>​I appreciate the immediate response to my query. The response was succinct and clear.</p>2016-08-30T16:00:00ZMANJIT KOUR
<p>I was warmly greeted by Mr Raymond Chan at the reception area when I visited CPF Service Centre for my CPF matters. Raymond was very prompt, detailed and polite on my enquiries. He vetted through my documents and referred me for the next best options accordingly. Generous in his smiles and positive vibes and welcoming gestures. Greatly impressed.  </p><p>Mr Mohammed Ferhan was very professional and patient in his service delivery. He listened attentively to my concerns and printed the relevant documents for my reference with detailed explanation. He further asked me and clarified all my doubts.</p><p>Both Raymond and Ferhan are excellent staff and commendable great ambassadors of CPF Board.</p>2016-09-28T16:00:00ZMR TAN KAH FEI
<p>​The reply to my query was prompt and the instructions on what to do were clear. I would like to thank Tricia for her help.</p>2016-09-27T16:00:00ZWANG IT PENG
<p>​I appreciate the quick response time and the clear instructions on what I need to do. A pleasure to deal with.</p>2016-09-27T16:00:00ZIRENE FUNG-KENDON
<p>​Ms Yvonne Lim, Cust Service Exec, did an excellent job in replying to my query on Retirement matters & CPF Life. The explanation was clear & easily understood. Good job. Well done, Yvonne.</p>2016-09-26T16:00:00ZDENIS CHOO
The answer to my query was provided within the promised time-frame. Instructions were clear and concise enough to help me complete the transaction I intended to do, without any fuss or difficulty. Thank you very much.2016-09-26T16:00:00ZBENJAMIN CASSIM
<p>Ms Siti Amirah was very patient, clear and able to explain in great detail. She made you feel at ease.</p><p>Kudos to Ms Siti! You made a difference in giving a good and professional service.</p>2016-09-26T16:00:00ZMS SOH ENG NGOH SHEILA
<p>​The reply was clear, precise and the officer also provided extra information for next step.</p>2016-09-25T16:00:00ZCHAU TRAN
<p>​Extremely responsive, professional and provided the answers to my questions without exception.</p>2016-09-22T16:00:00ZPETER MULLEN
<p>​CPF Board is one of two statutory boards that I am most impressed with its service. The other is SP Services. Be it speaking to the customer service officer or communicating via email and website, my questions and requests are answered and met. Your website is easy to understand and navigate and response is prompt and fast. The seminars and talk organised by your board are always relevant. I am most impressed when I was invited to review my CPF account with your officer when I reach 55 this year. My friends seek me out to check on retirement issues when they are about to reach 55 and asked where do I obtain the information from. I encourage them to sign up for your newsletter and "In Touch with CPF" where up to date activities, information and CPF updates are sent to members. I find such communication very helpful. Good Job. Keep it up! </p>2016-09-21T16:00:00ZTANBC
<p>​The officer who replied my email was helpful and specific and also provided me with an alternative solution should her previous suggestion did not work. Excellent job!</p>2016-09-18T16:00:00ZMAY

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