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MediSave/MediShield Life ReimbursementMediSave/MediShield Life Reimbursement<a name="top"></a> <p>​​Welcome to the MediSave/MediShield Life Reimbursement Service. This service enables you to submit MediSave/MediShield Life reimbursements electronically to your employees/insured via the CPF website anytime. We would like to inform that with effect from 23 July 2017, we have updated the file layout of our Text file and Excel (CSV) file for reimbursement submission.<br></p> <br> <table class="cpf-table cpf-form-table--vtop "><thead><tr><th>Mode of Submission</th><th colspan="3">Useful Information</th></tr></thead><tbody><tr><td> <strong>Recommended</strong><br><strong><a href="" target="_blank">E-FILE</a></strong></td><td colspan="3"><ul><li>Click <a href="/Employers/Services/others/evcpages/e-services/medisave-medishield-life-reimbursement#wp">Welcome Package for E-File Mode</a> to register!</li><li>You can start to e-file once your registration has been completed and your GIRO arrangement has been approved.</li><li>Payment will be deducted from the approved GIRO account.</li><li>Enjoy access to check status of your reimbursement submissions and download reports.</li></ul></td></tr><tr><td> <a href="" target="_blank">E-FORM</a></td><td colspan="3"><ul><li>Internet Banking with DBS, UOB, SCB, OCBC or Citibank is required. You will be directed to the e-Nets portal to make payment to complete this e-form transaction.</li><li>Ensure you have the bank token for the bank account you are paying from as you need to input the One-Time-Pin (OTP) to make payment.</li><li>Do not close your internet browser or press the “backspace” key when making payments.</li><li>You can only make another reimbursement upon successful payment of the previous submission.</li></ul></td></tr></tbody></table><p>    </p> <a name="wp"></a> <h3> <strong>Welcome Package for E-File Mode  </strong></h3><h4>Instructions for submission of MediSave/MediShield Life reimbursements via <br>E-File:</h4><p> <strong><br>Step 1:</strong></p><p>Complete and submit the following forms:</p><p>1. <a href="" target="_blank"> Registration Form</a> </p><p>2. <a href="/Assets/employers/Documents/FORM_MED_DDAform.pdf" target="_blank">DDA Form</a> (PDF, 0.3MB)</p><p> <br> <strong>Step 2:</strong></p><p>View our <a href="/Assets/employers/Documents/InternetReimbursementManual.pdf" target="_blank">Internet Reimbursement Manual</a> (PDF, 1.6MB) on how to make an online submission via E-File mode for MediSave/MediShield Life reimbursement.</p><p>You may refer to the <a href="/Assets/employers/Documents/HospitalCodesforTextFile.pdf" target="_blank">list of hospital codes</a> (PDF, 0.8MB) to facilitate your reimbursement submissions.</p><p> <br> <strong>Step 3:</strong></p><p>We will notify you upon approval of your registration with us. Upon notification, please proceed to Step 4.</p><p> <br> <strong>Step 4:</strong></p><p>Login at <a href="/Employers"></a> to submit the reimbursements. Please fill in the <a href="/Assets/employers/Documents/MediReimbursementTemplate_Public.xls" target="_blank">excel file</a> (XLS, 52KB) and then convert it to a text file or an Excel CSV (comma delimited) file for reimbursement to MediSave and MediShield Life.</p><p> <br> <strong>Step 5:</strong></p><p>Upon successful reimbursement, you can check your file submission status by downloading the successful and unsuccessful reimbursement reports from our Internet Reimbursement system. These reports provide details of your employee's or insured's MediSave and MediShield Life reimbursements.</p><p>You can view the <a href="/Assets/employers/Documents/Onlinereports_MSHRE.pdf" target="_blank">file layout of the online reports</a> (PDF, 0.2MB) for more information.</p><p>For any enquiries on Internet Reimbursement submissions, please call 6202 4140 or email <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.<br></p>

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