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Mission, Vision & Values<p> <strong>Our Mission</strong></p><p>To enable Singaporeans to have a secure retirement, through lifelong income, healthcare financing and home financing.</p><p> </p><p> <strong>Our Vision</strong></p><p>A trusted and respected social security organisation, committed to enable Singaporeans to have a secure retirement.</p><p> </p><p> <strong>Our Values</strong><br></p><div style="margin-left:-20px;"><ul style="margin-left:-20px;"><li style="margin-bottom:5px;margin-left:15px;"> <strong>Focus On Customers</strong> <div style="margin-bottom:5px;margin-left:3px;">I deepen the trust and respect customers have in the Board’s service in all my interactions.</div></li><li style="margin-bottom:5px;margin-left:15px;"> <strong>Team Up for Results</strong> <div style="margin-bottom:5px;margin-left:3px;">We work together within and across departments to deliver results.</div></li><li style="margin-bottom:5px;margin-left:15px;"> <strong>Take Charge & Innovate</strong> <div style="margin-bottom:5px;margin-left:3px;">I initiate and am receptive to big and small innovations that help the Board save cost, improve productivity and/or provide better service.</div></li><li style="margin-bottom:5px;margin-left:15px;"> <strong>Learn & Grow</strong> <div style="margin-bottom:5px;margin-left:3px;">I continuously learn and apply new skills and knowledge to meet the challenges of my work and environment.</div></li></ul></div>Mission, Vision & ValuesTrueTrueTrue

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